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Aubrey Pierce was shattered three years ago, when the man of her dreams warped her life into a nightmare. Bruised and broken, Aubrey turns to Mixed Martial Arts, finding comfort in the control as she begins piecing herself back together. Just as she gets her feet on solid ground, she begins training at a new gym under a new trainer. This man brings with him a past dark enough to match hers, and just enough sexual tension to keep things interesting. Running on coffee and trust issues, Aubrey must confront the complicated question that haunts many survivors of domestic abuse: Can I love again?

Caden Larson is raising his two sisters on his own, giving up his one shot at a contract to fight professionally in order to keep the family together. Between grave site visits, shifts at the police department, and trying to get his sister to dance lessons, Caden is stretched thin. Staying true to who he is, he still can't say no when his best friend asks for a favor. The last thing he needs is to train a girl full of ice and anger, especially when she starts to burrow under his skin. Over time, the girl that drives him wild with irritation starts to drive him wild in a few more interesting ways, and Caden is faced with the possibility that, for once, maybe he should be a little selfish.

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