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"She's my breath of fresh air. I won't stop fighting for her. Fighting for us. I can't." - Caden Larson


At the end of Fighting For Air, the fragile life Aubrey Pierce was starting to build fell apart. Unsure of what's true and what's a well spun lie, Aubrey beings shutting down and pushing everyone away. When she finally begins to let people in again, Caden Larson realizes he's not on the exclusive list. This time around, earning Aubrey's trust seems impossible. He doesn't care. With every opportunity, he reminds her of one thing; he's never giving up on them.


Through multiple arguments, drunken confessions, steamy sex, and a lot of pain, Caden and Aubrey try to find love and happiness again; both by themselves and together. Caden steps back in the ring, allowing himself to fight again. Aubrey steps in the direction of healing, allowing herself to hope again.


Nothing is as easy as it seems, though. Not when a sociopath is involved. As Elliot Jameson grows in confidence, his obsessive love for Aubrey drives everyone's lives into chaos. Aubrey and Caden find themselves facing more than just the question of whether or not their love will survive. With Elliot lurking behind every corner, the question of survival becomes one of life and death. Will they win against Elliot? If they do, will things between them be shattered to the point of no return? It takes a whirlwind of emotion to find out.

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